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Reunion Poetry

 I have been writing something or other since I was a teenager. Some poems have been published in poetry collections [local contests].

For K.D.

A great black hole
A cavity
Where "my family"
Ought to be

An empty void
A silent space
Neither parent
Has a face

An unread book
High on a shelf
A mystery novel
About my Self

It seems we all
Have "hells on earth"
Mine's the mystery
Of my birth

I cannot ask
For peace of mind
I only want
To seek and Find

For D.

I pictured your life lived like mine,
And couldn't stand the thought.
And so, for the price of signing my name,
A better life for you was bought.

Who would have dreamed so long ago
My life would turn out fine?
And that someday I'd need to search
For the child who once was mine?

For D.

I simply could not give you
The things two Parents could,
And so I signed the Papers -
Because I thought I Should.

Now the years have come and gone.

I've Lived enough to See
The things I Have don't matter.

...I might have offered Me...
...I was just a Child myself... thinking is quite wrong...

But I'd sure like to see You...
The years have been so long.

February Fourth

Another year has gone -
More laws are getting passed -
It almost seems as though
God is doing what I asked -

You see, all those years ago -
When the social worker tried
her best to show me
that choosing meant forever -
And I signed my name -
I pretended
to believe her -
But I promised just the same
that someday I would find you
If God willed it was to be -

And I hope someday to tell you
(And I hope you'll understand)
That all this time we've been apart,
In my prayers I've held your hand -

Some other things I'd like to say -
Although I gave you up
I never could give you away -

And -
(Oh, where are you today) -

Have a happy birthday.

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