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Poetry 1


I did not climb a mountain

Yet I have reached to Mars

I could not travel, but I've dreamed

And I have seen the stars.

I did not gain the floor of fame,

Yet I have touched the moon

I've found companions in the stars

And seen night skies in June.

I did not make great sums of cash

Yet I have crossed the bars

'Twixt earth and spaces of the sky,

And I have seen the stars.

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Go sit and remember

wild roses in June

sleigh rides in December

a round harvest moon.

Go sit and smile again

over stories old

forget today's pain

remember tales once told.

Go sit alone and dream

by yourself for one short day

walk beside a stream

then go on your way.


I must return to my home again,

To the greenness, the rain, and the trees.

And all that I ask is a damp cool day

And a gusty, refreshing breeze.

I must return to my home again,

To the sea and the sky and the sand

All that I ask is a windy day

And a friendly, welcoming hand.

Over the Hill

It rained again today.

The world seemed fresh and new.

The rainbow's candy colors

Were bright against the blue.

It could have been the springtime

Or perhaps I'm getting old

But I almost could believe in

A rainbow pot of gold.


When I was a child, I had a place

That only my dog and I knew.

There were trees, a pond, and a grassy hill,

Where the four leaf clovers grew.

I went there often in the summer

Alone, because my friends were few.

There were birds and flowers and dreams to dream

Where the four leaf clovers grew.

Sometimes I went in the early morn

When the grass still glistened with dew.

I could laugh, I could cry, or watch the clouds,

Where the four leaf clovers grew.

Too soon I grew up and lost the way

And this feeling is sad but true

I long to go back to those days and that place

Where the four leaf clovers grew.


Everyone says

my houseplants are fantastic -

(Don't touch them) -

(They're plastic)

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Poetry and other Writing


This section begins with the first poems I wrote.

The pages that follow were written later - they span many years.

Some have been published in poetry collections [local contests].